PowerQuest Partition Magic 6 in the test: Partitioning without data loss

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6 in the test: Partitioning without data loss

The main program

PowerQuest has not been on the laurels of the past few years Rested, but has consistently improved Partition Magic and added interesting functions. However, the design has not changed and seems slightly behind the times. The program, now in its sixth edition, can adjust and move partitions, create partitions, delete partitions, restore deleted partitions, format and copy partitions as well as split and merge partitions, with the last-mentioned functions being added. Furthermore you have the possibility to convert partitions into different formats.

Create partitions

When creating a partition, if there is not yet allocated space on the hard drive, you first have the choice between a primary or a logical partition. The primary partitions, since they are bootable, should be used for operating systems and logical partitions especially for other tasks such as storing applications. After you are clear about the type of partition, you can choose between 7 different file types, FAT, FAT32, HPFS, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Linux Swap, Extended and Unformatted. For the normal Windows user, however, only FAT 32 and NTFS (W2k, NT4) come into question. After entering a name and after specifying the partition size anda subsequent click on Ok gives a preview of the changes made. All that separates you from the new partitions is one click on 'Apply changes'.

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6
PowerQuest Partition Magic 6

Depending on the type of changes you make, it may be necessary to exit Windows. In such cases, Partition Magic offers its own 'operating system' so that users of Windows Me or Windows 2000 do not have to forego any functions.

Changing partitions

A function that, besides the One of the most important things about creating a partition is resizing it. If you run out of space on a drive, you simply increase the size of the partition with two mouse clicks by reducing the size of another.

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6
PowerQuest Partition Magic 6

You have divided your hard drive sensibly and after a few weeks you realize that it would make much more sense to have one large instead of many small partitions. With the function merge partitions you have the possibility to merge several partitions into one, whereby one becomes the 'master disk'. The othersRepertoires are then added to the master disk in the forum of a folder. The data actually end up on the master disk and can then be moved.

Separate partitions

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6

The function of separating is very identical to merging partitions. You now have to decide which folders should end up on the new drive and which partition type the new drive should have. Partition Magic then does the rest completely automatically.

Converting partitions

Who doesn’t know it, Windows NT4 can no longer be started and the files on the NTFS drive can be accessed no access with the usual Windows boot disks. With the help of the emergency boot disks and of course with Partition Magic itself, you have the option of converting NTFS to FAT 32 or FAT 16, this format can then be accessed with a normal boot disk and the day is saved. The following conversion types are available:

  • FAT »FAT32
  • FAT32» FAT
  • FAT32 »NTFS

However, since it would be a great risk to convert a system drive from FAT32 to NTFS while Windows 9x is running, as Windows 9x cannot read it, this type of conversion is only available if Partition Magic is running Windows 2000 or Windows NT4 is running and it can be assumed that Windows will continue to operate correctly even after the conversion.

The functions presented are also available via wizards, which simplify operation even more.


The new version of Partition Magic has also succeeded,although little has changed in the basic structure of the program. PowerQuest has put efforts here on new functions such as merging and separating partitions, which ideally complement the repertoire. In my opinion, however, the program layout could have been adapted more to the present day. All in all, you get a good program at a good price for DM 129.

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6.0
  • Easy to use
  • Range of functions
  • Program interface

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