PowerQuest Partition Magic 6 in the test: Partitioning without data loss

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6 in the test: Partitioning without data loss


The hard drive is partitioned, Windows and all important programs are installed and you suddenly realize that you should have allowed a little more space for the system partition. The problem you now face is that with the in-house Windows tools, be it under Windows 9x or Windows 2000, you cannot avoid a complete reinstallation, since all data is lost when repositioning. The tools are not even able to separate or merge partitions without loss. But who's going to bury their heads in the sand, because there is Partition Magic, which in version 6.0 can now also merge and separate partitions. You will find out in our test whether it is worth investing in the new version.

Scope of delivery

For a recommended retail price of 129DM, you get the program CD, the Magic partition and BootMagic contains 6 languages, a 194 page German user manual and the usual registration cards. The slightly more expensive Pro version of Partition Magic also offers the option of using the Remote Agent, with which it is possible to partition the hard drive of another logged-in PC over the network.

PowerQuest Partition Magic6
PowerQuest Partition Magic 6


The complete German user manual is structured in a logical and understandable way. The instructions are understandable and understandable even for the layperson. In addition to the necessary basic knowledge, the appendix also contains a large appendix for error analysis which explains what which error code means, why it occurs and how it can be rectified. However, while browsing through it, I noticed a small mistake in terms of content. Chapter 7: Remote Agent explains meticulously how to create a remote agent boot disk and how to use it. Unfortunately, nowhere in the manual is it mentioned that this function can only be used if the remote PC, i.e. the PC to which you want to log in using the remote agent boot disk, has Partition Magic 6.0 Pro. This is tragic in that one should press an icon in the toolbar that does not exist in the simple version of Partition Magic.

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6

Nonetheless, you will only face this little problem then confronted when you own a network and want to use this remote function, which is rarely the case in private users.

The installation

After inserting the CD, the setup dialog is started automatically. Depending on whether you are working under Windows 9x or Windows 2000, you have slightly different optionsAffect setup process. Windows 2000 can therefore restrict access to the program to the administrator during setup, or grant access to all users. After the program has been installed on the computer, you have the pleasure of looking for two or three floppy disks in order to create the famous emergency boot disks. The floppy disks have to be labeled by hand, as unfortunately there are no pre-printed stickers. In my opinion, such a penny could still be included.

PowerQuest Partition Magic 6
PowerQuest Partition Magic 6

The emergency floppy disks

Two of the maximum three floppy disks are used by the Partition Magic emergency system. This offers basic functions to bring a system back into an operational state. The use of these floppy disks is necessary, for example, if you have hidden the partition on which Partition Magic is installed, but you have to start Partition Magic to make this partition visible again. The same applies to a system partition that was accidentally converted into a data format that the operating system cannot use.

Boot Magic claims the third floppy disk for itself, but only if you sign up for it decided to install the program. With their help, changes that have made an existing system unusable can also be reversed. The range of functions corresponds to the version that is also available when Windows is running.

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