PowerQuest Lost & Found in the test: data recovery for HDDs that are still rotating

PowerQuest Lost & Found in the test: data recovery for HDDs that are still rotating

Data recovery part 4

PowerQuest Lost & Found

Since the good old Quantum Bigfoot CY only causes hardware errors in the higher sectors, Lost & Found now has the possibility of the sympathies that it had already lost with me, to regain. So Lost & Found was reinstated and started with a very difficult task. The remaining time was now shown to me as 6 days, since every sector is now being given multiple read accesses and thus the sector rate fell from 1200 per second to 2 per second. Understandably, Lost & Found could not scratch any data out of the damaged sectors, but data came from every area that was only halfway readable. Since our document was saved in the now readable sectors of the hard disk, this was also restored without any problems.


Lost & Found is a decent program that does a good job once you get it up and running. It is clear that it cannot replace professional data recovery, but as long as the hard drive is still spinning, Lost & Found will serve you well. Despite the good performance, the way to get there was very rocky, and an outdated, English manual did not necessarily help to solve the problem.

Therefore, in the overall assessment, both price and price/performance are only given sufficient.It is not recommended for users without an internet connection due to lack of access to product updates.

PowerQuest Lost & Found
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