PowerQuest Drive Image 4 Pro in the test: data backup with many extras

PowerQuest Drive Image 4 Pro in the test: data backup with many extras

Disk to Disk

If you have bought a new hard drive and want to transfer an existing and functioning Windows directly to the new drive in order to avoid the complete set-up stress, Drive Image 4 offers the option of copying the information from one data carrier to another .

The following functions are only available in the Pro version of Drive Image 4 and are especially for Network administrators interesting.


PowerCasting is about a quick and reliable way to set up workstations. PowerCasting sends an image file to one or more Drive Image Pro clients that were started using a boot disk. The client computers receive this image file and write it to their hard drives. With the help of this method, numerous network computers have been provided with, for example, fully functional Windows within a very short time.

PowerQuest Drive Image 4 Pro
PowerQuest Drive Image 4 Pro


A function very similar to PowerCasting is DeltaDeploy. With it it is possible to carry out software updates in the simplest possible way on several workstations at the same timeperform. The principle is very simple: DeltaDeploy monitors the changes that are caused on a computer by installing software. These changes are tracked as a reference installation, which is then transferred as an installation package to specified computers in the network. This ensures that changes are made equally and reliably on all company computers. For this to work, however, the DeltaDeploy software client must be installed on all workstations.

Task planner

PowerQuest Drive Image 4 Pro

To facilitate cross-network maintenance of workstations, Drive Image Pro includes a tool called Task Builder. This tool is suitable e.g. to have regular system backups created automatically. The operation of the tool is explained comprehensively and comprehensibly in the manual.


Drive Image 4 or Drive Image Pro 4 is a very easy-to-use program with the option of direct images Burning it to a bootable CD clearly stands out from the competition. Especially for network administrators, the Pro version offers functions that make work much easier.

PowerQuest Drive Image 4 Pro
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