PowerMagic ATI Radeon 8500 in the test: Swan song for the GeForce3?

PowerMagic ATI Radeon 8500 in the test: Swan song for the GeForce3?


Hydravision is ATI's dual Head solution and offers considerably more features than Nvidia's Twinview. Since the two digital to analog converters are clocked at 400 Mhz, resolutions of up to 2048x1536 can be displayed in 32 bits, assuming a corresponding monitor. Applications can be stretched on 2 different monitors in 2 different resolutions. A maximum of 2 monitors and 1 television can be operated at the same time, but with only 2 different image contents. The television is controlled with the supplied S-VHS cinch adapter. Either a digital TFT or an analog monitor can be connected to the DVI-I output using the supplied adapter.

Display Radeon 8500

The PowerMagic Radeon The 8500 has an absolutely good TV picture, much better than with the nVidia cards, the reason for this is a special de-interlacing algorithm with which ATI tries to significantly improve the quality of the TV picture in the interlaced process of the picture structure. The only feature that you miss as a Matrox G400 fan is a setting like DVD Max, which plays a DVD directly on a second monitor or the television in full screen mode, while you can continue working comfortably and undisturbed on the primary screen.

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