PowerMagic ATI Radeon 8500 in the test: Swan song for the GeForce3?

PowerMagic ATI Radeon 8500 in the test: Swan song for the GeForce3?


Over the years the visual quality of the 3D games has improved significantly, but the models look a bit angular despite the level of detail additional polygons are not used for performance reasons. This is exactly where ATIs Truform comes in, the edges are simply smoothed by additionally calculated triangles.


For example, with older engines like the HalfLife Engine, the quality of the models can be significantly improved, but future titles could also be programmed so that they run smoothly on systems with slower graphics cards - the Radeon8500However, owners would not have to do without quality, as they can use Truform. The only catch with Truform is the fact that it has to be implemented in the engine, which is apparently not too time-consuming, but it must be specified which objects can be rendered with Truform, otherwise the objects look bloated and not rounded.

Compare Truform no Truform

Only a few games have been using Truform so far, the best example of this is Half-Life or Counterstrike, whose engine has implemented it in the meantime - and it is also optically implemented is. The game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which is not yet available on the German market, also supports Truform, but no difference can be seen so far, either it was not implemented at all or not implemented correctly. However, it can be strongly assumed that Truform will also be integrated into other games, especially since some hobby programmers have already got to work and have adapted UT and Quake3 accordingly.

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