PowerMagic ATI Radeon 7500 in the test: The old middle class re-drilled

PowerMagic ATI Radeon 7500 in the test: The old middle class re-drilled


cables and CDs

There is not much that can be criticized about the actual map. The workmanship is very good and, above all, the dual display properties are likely to make some eyes big in this performance class. The scope of delivery is not abundant, especially in the software area, but it can convince with the large number of adapters and cables. Here it is very commendable that the customer does not have to buy such expensive cables separately.

ATI can achieve its ambitious goal of placing itself between the Pro and Ultra, especially in Direct3D at 32Bit. Unfortunately, however, the 16-bit performance is very disappointing and even in OpenGL it cannot confirm the high expectations that one had after the Direct3D results in all areas.

The biggest drawback is certainly the image quality below 16bit. One cannot blame this problem on the card, but clearly on ATI's drivers. The washed-out textures below 16 and 32 bits are also extremely negative. There is clearly still some catching up to do here.Above all, it is extremely annoying that you have to accept poorer image quality than the competition under 16-bit and that you don't even get particularly good performance if you look at the 32-bit results. With the current drivers, in my opinion, the Radeon 7500 should definitely only be operated under 32Bit.

However, one should by no means make an overly negative judgment about the Radeon 7500, as it is priced at around DM 340.00 represents a very good dual-display graphics card compared to the competition. The GeForce2 MX400 cards from Nvidia with TwinView or Matrox G400-550 can no longer keep up here. Above all, the extensive setting options and the excellent picture of the TV-Out are convincing across the board.

Whether you use the Radeon 7500 or a GeForce2 Ti, both of which are in the same price segment, I would prefer all depend on the area of ​​application. If you want an excellent dual display graphics card, you will look in vain at Nvidia and the Radeon 7500 is the best choice. Otherwise, I would personally prefer a GeForce2 Ti, but this judgment is my personal and everyone should make their own picture of the results in the benchmarks.

Anyone who has questions about the ATI Radeon 7500 or Would like to go into more detail about the results and discuss them, it is best to use our forum .

PowerMagic Radeon 7500
  • Overclockability of the chip
  • Dual display support
  • TV-out quality
  • Cable and adapter
  • Driver
  • Image quality
  • Performance under 16Bit

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