PowerMagic ATI Radeon 7500 in the test: The old middle class re-drilled

PowerMagic ATI Radeon 7500 in the test: The old middle class re-drilled

Image quality

Since the image quality of the Radeon 7500 was unfortunately extremely negative in all benchmarks, we have made some comparisons for you that should clarify the peculiarities of the Radeon 7500. It should be mentioned in advance that all benchmarks were performed with the highest quality level in the drivers.

There are several points that stand out negatively:

  • an annoying grain over the entire screen in 16Bit
  • with smoke and explosion effects very bad dithering
  • washed out textures both under 16 and 32Bit

So that you can get a picture of what we object to in the list above, we have a few screenshots ready for you:

First, let's look at the annoying grain on the screen:


In addition to the grain, which is particularly noticeable in low resolutions,the screenshots also show the very bad dithering effect under 16Bit. If you don't spot the grain straight away, it is best to unpack your magnifying glass or manually zoom in on the images.

As a second example of the poor dithering, we used the lobby scene from 3DMark2001:


I think everyone can see at first glance that the image quality is not the none-plus-ultra. Mind you, these two points of criticism can only be identified under 16Bit. Which brings us to the third point of criticism, which unfortunately occurs both under 16 and 32 bit:

Dragon 32Bit reference

Especially on the front right house you can see a lot nice the significantly poorer quality of the textures. But you can also see a difference in quality in the textures of the figures, as well as in the roof on the left edge of the screen. In my opinion, there you can also see the reason for the poor texture quality: ATI seems to simply switch to a mipmap level earlier than usual in the drivers, so that even textures that are actually very close to the eye of the beholder unfortunately do are displayed very blurred.

For those who want to take a closer look at the pictures, we offer the pictures with the grain as bitmaps with Winzip and the pictures from the 3DMark2001 for download (downloads unfortunately no longer available ).

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