PowerColor starts production of the HD 3850 AGP

PowerColor starts production of the HD 3850 AGP

In a small, relatively inconspicuous press release, PowerColor certified what many users of the AGP slot have longed for. The company is one of the first to start production of the Radeon HD 3850 with AGP instead of PCIe interface.

However, PowerColor did not disclose any technical data, so one can assume that the model will follow the previous reference design of the company and thus above the reference design of the HD 3850 . The memory configuration is twice as large with 512 MB GDDR3. The clock rates, however, roughly correspond to the reference design, as the recently launched product page of the HD 3850 AGP reveals.

PowerColor HD 3850 AGP

In addition to changes compared to the reference design, the card will probably have a bridge chip that supports the model for the Makes AGP slot compatible. All in all, the dusty AGP slot, which has already been sentenced to death several times, is granted another grace period. PowerColor has not yet been able to announce when and at what price the first models will be available.