Possible indexing of Counter-Strike is causing a stir

Possible indexing of Counter-Strike is causing a stir

As many of you have probably noticed, an application for the indexing of Counter-Strike has been submitted to the BPjS. As it now came out, however, this has not only been available for a few months, as one might have thought, but since July of last year.

As it is said, the decision to index Counter-Strike has been postponed again and again due to the move of the authorities and a network problem. Much more decisive, however, were probably the large number of emails that the BPjS received. As you can imagine, they advocated Counter-Strike and by far exceeded the number of complaint emails received after the indexing of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Unreal Tournament and induced the review center to reconsider the matter despite the indexing was actually already a done deal. In the emails, the BPjS was told, among other things, about the importance of Counter-Strike not only for the gaming community, but also for an entire industry, including eSports with international leagues and high prize money. Since the BPjS apparently had a hard time pondering this and, after a large number of emails, may no longer classify Counter-Strike as harmful to young people, this naturally calls for fans of games that have already been indexed, such as Quake 3 Arena, Return to Castle Wolfenstein (German ), which should be indexed in the near future, and Unreal Tournament on the plan, also, justifiably, to send protest mails to the BPjS ...

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