Plextor brings DVD and CD-R/RW combo drive

Plextor brings DVD and CD-R/RW combo drive

The Belgian manufacturer Plextor, known for its CD-ROM and CD-R/RW drives, today announced its first combination drive that can be used as both a DVD and CD-R/RW drive. The PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A also comes with the usual Plextor functions.

The drive has over a 2 MB buffer and writes at 20x speed, rewriting is possible at 10x, CD-ROMs are read at 40x speed whereas DVDs are played back at 12x. Thanks to the use of a black “drawer”, the error rate when writing is reduced, as the black color absorbs part of the laser light from the OPU (Optical Power Unit), which generally improves the writing quality

The scope of delivery of the device includes a CD-R medium, a CD-R/W medium, the necessary cables (IDE and audio), the Plextor utility software, Nero including InCD and the DVD player software PowerDVD. The PlexCombo will be available in stores from April 2002.

PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A