PlayStation inspires Sony to record sales

PlayStation inspires Sony to record sales

Sony's business with Playstation products is far from bad. As Sony Computer Entertainment Germany announced, in the 2001/2002 financial year, which ended on March 31, 2002, the company achieved the highest turnover since the company was founded with over 312 million euros.

This corresponds to an increase of around 145 percent compared to the previous year's turnover of 215 million euros. Between September 1995 and the end of March 2002 a total of 5.5 million PlayStation were sold to end customers in Germany. This number is made up of: 3.95 million PlayStation (one), 700,000 PSone and 850,000 PlayStation 2. In the same period, 34 million software titles, including games from other manufacturers, were sold. This means that in addition to hardware, an average of around six software titles were purchased by consumers. Statistically speaking, around 1.5 accessory products went over the counter with every PlayStation.

Time will tell whether the Xbox from Microsoft will ever be as successful as the now legendary PlayStation does not have the console in front of it.