Playstation 3 - performance increase through distributed computing?

Playstation 3 - performance increase through distributed computing?

Developers were able to find out about the current status of the development of the Playstation 3 at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Jose, California. There, the technical director of Sony Entertainment, Shin'ichi 'Okamoto informed about the future of the Playstation.

To the To increase the computing power of the game console even more, Sony is relying on distributed computing, the distributed computing that connects the Playstation with other computers. A well-known example of such a network of thousands, even millions of computers, is the Seti project (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) at the University of Berkeley in California. There, radio signals from space are evaluated by millions of computers in order to reduce computing time. As a result of the distributed computing, the Playstation will experience a dramatic performance boost, so Okamoto. However, he thinks the statement by some of the developers present that the Playstation's performance is a thousandfold, is too high, Okamoto continues.

According to Okamoto, distributed computing will be based on IBM's grid technology. In order to make this technology interesting for the broad mass market, IBM, SUN and other industry giants have been working together since February to soon make distributed computing a reality. Microsoft also announced its support at the Global Grid Forum in Tokyo.