Philips brings a monitor and television in one

Philips brings a monitor and television in one

With the 150MT, Philips is bringing a computer monitor onto the market that also has full TV functionality. This new 15 'TFT monitor + TV is the solution for all those users who want to watch TV or video programs while they work on the computer at the same time.

Thanks to improved panel technology, the 150MT offers for the first time a TFT monitor also a razor-sharp TV picture in addition to the computer picture. To watch TV you can switch to TV mode at the touch of a button. The picture is adjustable in size (picture in picture) and can therefore be easily followed in a separate window on the screen A remote control is included for switching over. In addition to the TV programs, the monitor offers 100 pages of teletext memory. Thanks to its built-in tuner, the 150MT works as a television set even when the PC is not switched on DVD player or VCR can be connected.

To meet both the requirements of a computer monitor and a television a special LCD panel is used in the 150MT, which for example has a special color filter. In addition, extremely fast switching liquid crystals are used. This achieves high contrast values ​​and short response times.

A wireless keyboard with mouse is optionally available to match the monitor. The slim shape of the monitor with only 391 x 366 x 200 mm is elegant and saves space on the desk. The device can also be wall-mounted. The 150MT is expected to be available from March 2002 for a good 1200 euros.

Philips 150MT - TV and monitor in one
Philips150MT - TV and monitor in one