Phenom 9600 Black Edition & Phenom 9900

Phenom 9600 Black Edition & Phenom 9900

After the less laudable launch of the new processors last week, AMD is preparing for the months ahead. It starts with the 'Phenom 9600 Black Edition', which should be available in the fourth quarter of the current year in order to bridge the time until the start of the faster Phenom processors.

Those will get through the free choice of multiplier to distinguish from the original. This means that the buyer of a 'Phenom 9600 Black Edition' can take full advantage of the new Overdrive features ( see also ), including the free choice of the multiplier.

Phenom timetable

Insight into the further timetable was given by a performance that AMD held in Asia. Accordingly, the Phenom 9700 and Phenom 9900 models can be expected in the first quarter of 2008. The maximum clock frequency should therefore only reach 2.6 GHz in the coming weeks and months. With a higher clock frequency, if it ever comes, AMD will have to rethink the numbering scheme in order not to start selling the first processors with 5-digit numbering from 2.8 GHz - or is that exactly what they intend to do? With a numbering of '10,000' they would certainly stand out in every price list, but the performance should also do justice to this and not only remind of the old days of the 'P-Rating' in the form of marketing.

The first three-core offshoot should no longer be available in March. Currently it is only generously called “first half of the year”. It appears that AMD is promoting the Phenom X3 to the 8000 series, while it was previously listed under the numbering 7xxx . It is noticeable here that AMD is again looking for a comparison with Intel's processors. After all, all processors in the competition will bethat do not have four cores, marketed as 8xxx . A rogue who thinks evil and is not reminded of the old rating/duel a second time.

The delays of the Phenom X3 are reflected equally on the Phenom FX, whose launch is also indefinitely in the first half of the year 2008 postponed. It seems that AMD is no longer going the way of the dead 4x4 platform with 1207 pins with the Phenom FX, but relies on the AM2/AM2 + socket for the new FX.

This News shows once again that things don't seem to be going smoothly at AMD and that the original plans are falling behind. A look at the roadmap above also reveals that a dual-core variant based on the new architecture (K8L/K10) will only be presented after the tri-core. A product launch before summer 2008 seems unlikely.