Pentium4 still without nV chipset

Pentium4 still without nV chipset

As you can find out at x-bit Labs, the real reason has now been revealed, why nV has not yet shown a chipset for the Pentium4. This is quite mundane in the financial sector, because, said nVidia CEO Huang, Intel would charge a license fee of US $ 5 for a US $ 20 chipset.

This fact is particularly unfortunate, since nVidia already provides a dual-channel memory interface with the nForce for AMD's Athlon and Duron processors, from which the extremely bandwidth-dependent Pentium4 could benefit.

Furthermore, x-Bit Labs is speculating that other chipset manufacturers such as SiS could earn next to nothing due to their significantly lower prices. But since SiS has an extensive patent agreement with Intel, this statement is rather unlikely.

The quoted statement of an Intel employee that nVidia would certainly not receive a license for the Pentium4 bus in the near future is much more interesting . Does the idea of ​​the successor to the i845D play a role, which should also have an integrated graphics unit and certainly not look so good with only one RAM channel?