Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz in the test: The new front runner

Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz in the test: The new front runner


In addition to the performance itself, the pricing in the processor area naturally has a decisive influence on the final purchase decision. In the past in particular, Intel has always made the name Pentium very expensive. But AMD is no longer as cheap as it was a year ago. A look at the table of recommended prices makes this clear.

Prices for quantities of 1000 pieces
Intel Pentium 4 price AMD Athlon XP price 2400 MHz (Northwood) $ 562 2200 MHz (Northwood) $ 508 (from April 14th) 1730 MHz (2100+) $ 420 2000A MHz (Northwood) $ 364 1666 MHz (2000+) $ 339 1900 MHz (Willamette) $ 241 1600 MHz (1900+) $ 231 1800 MHz (Willamette) $ 193 1533 MHz (1800+)$ 188 1700 MHz (Willamette) $ 163 1466 MHz (1700+) $ 157

Even if the next price cuts are already planned on both sides, it is once again clear that one is clear for the latest craze have to dig deeper into their pockets. The best price/performance ratio is still offered by AMD, even if prices in the past have come closer and closer either through price reductions at Intel or price increases in the course of the introduction of the Athlon XP by AMD.

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