Patriot presents the new 'Viper' storage series

Patriot presents the new 'Viper' storage series

Patriot presents growth in-house. In addition to the well-known modules, there are now also DDR2 and DDR3 memories from the new Viper series. In addition to the improved timing, the design was primarily adapted in the form of a modified heat spreader.

The new heat spreader is up to 20 percent more efficient than the alternatives previously used. The design sounds familiar, however, as Corsair presented a similar model over a year ago, which recently inspired Super Talent to come up with a similar solution.

Patriot Viper series

Zum Up to five module pairs of DDR2 memory with a maximum of 1,200 MHz and five offshoots for DDR3 with a maximum of 1,866 MHz are to be available. The website of Patriot currently lists seven of these test persons, but two pairs are hidden in some categories that differ, for example, on the basis of the timing. The company did not name official prices at the start.