Passively cooling graphics cards: A Radeon 7500 trimmed to be silent

Passively cooling graphics cards: A Radeon 7500 trimmed to be silent

Heat sink

The Zalman copper cooler is delivered in a small, inconspicuous box. In addition to the copper cooler, the box contains extremely short instructions and two syringes. These are filled with thermally conductive adhesive, which is required for attachment. Said instructions briefly describe how to attach the cooler, how big it is and which cards it is compatible with. It is often said that cards from GeForce 1 DDR or Radeon DDR must be combined with a fan. We will see later using the example of a Radeon 7500 from Powermagic with 64 MByte DDR RAM whether it is really not enough. The Radeon 7500 chip is based on the original Radeon, but is manufactured in 0.15 micron and is clocked extremely high at 290 Mhz. It is also noted that the ZM-17 cannot be removed from the card after it has been attached, unless you want to replace the graphics chip immediately. The Zalman ZM17-CU looks quite abstract, which is probably caused by the total of 14 copper plates. These are each only about 0.3 mm thick. They were mounted, or rather clamped, in a block made of aluminum, which, however, conducts heat more poorly than the copper. The block is very well sanded on the underside, apart from a few tiny scratches. But it is incomprehensible to me why the sides were sanded so ugly. That fact isbut unimportant for the cooling performance. If you don't have a special mainboard with the AGP slot further away from the PCI slots, or a PCI card that works in the last PCI bus, a PCI slot is unfortunately lost due to the height of the cooler.

The ZM17-CU

fan (optional)

The GlobalWIN CBF 32 is delivered together with a set of 4 screws for fastening to the housing and an adapter. The adapter is used to bundle both power connections of the fans into one, thus saving one connection. I couldn't find a separate manual. How the CBF32 is fastened in the housing is stated on the back next to the advertising for the manufacturer on the packaging.

GlobalWIN CBF32

The GlobalWIN CBF32 consists of two 60 mm fans (YSTech, 4200 rpm, 2.16 watts , 44 m³/h, approx. 36 dBa). These are attached to a metal rail, which in turn is attached to a slot. Since the fans are mounted 'above' the cards, not a single slot is lost.

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