Our SETI team is in the top 200

Our SETI team is in the top 200

Made it. What we have been waiting for and working on for several months has now finally become a reality. Since today we are listed for the first time in the Berkeley statistics of the 200 best Seti clubs in the world.

With For our now 260 members, we made it into the Top 200 in a very short time. At the time when the ComputerBaseTeam was founded, about 8 months ago, nobody had even dreamed of that. With our current WU output of over 500 per day, we will make rapid progress on the ladder to the top 100 club teams. As the next ambitious goal, we will try to reach a quarter of a million WUs by the end of the year. With the engagement of our cruncher, however, this should be possible.

Since we have now reached our goal that we had set ourselves, the raffle is now also coming to an end, the we started earlier this year. In the next few days the winners will be determined and notified by email. If you want to know more about our Seti team or Seti, click on the menu item on the left or take a look at the team's own forum .