Our Seti @ home team reaches 75,000 WUs

Our Seti @ home team reaches 75,000 WUs

Once again our Seti @ home team has managed to reach a milestone. With 75,000 WUs (work units) we are now about to move into the Top200 list of the best Seti clubs in the world. In about 20 to 24 days we should have calculated the remaining WUs to occupy the 200th place in the Top200. At exactly 5:12:38 p.m. our member Longwood delivered the 75,000 WU.

Now some will probably say : What is he talking about. Seti @ home? What's that? To put it briefly, the Seti project tries to prove the existence of life outside of our earth. To do this, the sky is scanned with a radio telescope and the received data is searched for patterns that can be ascribed to an intelligence. The Seti @ home was developed in order to be able to evaluate this enormous amount of data even halfway in a reasonable time frame. This means that anyone with a PC at home can calculate a small piece of the data from the radio telescope (WU - Workunit - data package) and send the results back to the University of Berkeley in California. They then evaluate the results, whether there are certain regularities that could possibly be the origin of an intelligence.

So, and our team, currently consisting of 239 members, now has a little more than 6 Months to 75,000 WUs. We are now not far from our goal of being among the 200 best teams in the world. The team currently has 83,722 WUs in its 200 position. But nothing can stop our team, and soon the ComputerBase Seti @ home team will roll up the Top200 from behind. Interested? Then take a look at our own forum .