Opera is subject to Microsoft's browser monopoly

Opera is subject to Microsoft's browser monopoly

While Microsoft has not yet fully digested the latest competitive defeat in the EU , the next investigation follows. The manufacturer of the web browser Opera, Opera Software, Microsoft accuses the monopoly position in the browser segment.

The subject is old, the complaint all the newer: Opera sees a competitive advantage in the widespread use of the Microsoft Windows operating system, which leads to a quasi-monopoly position in web browsers. For this reason, the EU court must force Microsoft, in order to maintain competition, to grant Windows users greater freedom of choice. The initiators of the lawsuit also criticize the fact that Microsoft does not adhere to general standards and thus deliberately hinder the development of third parties, especially with regard to programs that are compatible with browsers.

Now a preliminary investigation is pending It has to be clarified once again to what extent the coupling of a program to an operating system is permissible. “We're taking a close look at it,” said Brussels these days about the events. If, at the end of the investigation, it emerges that Microsoft improperly merged its browser with Windows, another heavy fine could be imposed.

So far, Microsoft has been calm, but refers to the long tradition of amalgamating the operating system and browser: “Of course we are working together with the investigation, but we believe that integrating the browser into the operating system will help Customers benefit, ”says Microsoft. In addition, every customer and manufacturer can use a different web browser without any restrictions.

At its core, Opera Software is hoping for a similar outcome to the so-called 'media player lawsuit' mentioned above. Here the EU competition authority Microsoft dictated a Windows version without an integratedWindows Media Player . Given a similar starting position, it is very possible that Opera Software will achieve something against Microsoft on a European level.