Opera 7.0 Beta 1 officially available

Opera 7.0 Beta 1 officially available

Already eagerly awaited by many users, a very early beta of the browser, which has now become very popular, is now available on the manufacturer's homepage for the first time. Opera is mainly known and loved for its speed, its security and its many features.

At first glance, version 7.0 impresses with its heavily revised interface. The programmers have really put a lot of effort into this. Otherwise, the beta already makes a relatively stable impression.

For the first time, those known from Internet Explorer are also supported Favorites list icons. Unfortunately, what has remained so far are minor display problems with websites specially optimized for Internet Explorer.

A very interesting function is (SHIFT) + (F11), which gives you a little foretaste of Operas' Small -Screen rendering '. A function that should enable surfing on normal websites on cell phones and handhelds.

According to rumors, version 7 of Opera should no longer be freely available. Up until now it was common for the freely available version to differ from the purchased version only by a small advertising banner. The fact that this advertising banner is now also available in version 7 will let many users breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that the wishes of the users have been heard and will continue to offer a free version of the browser.

If you want to take a look at the new version, you can download it from us. The beta is currently only available in English and does not yet contain a Java package, but the download of a good 3MByte, including a very convenient e-mail program, is still bearable for modem owners.

You can find a list of the new features here .

Opera 7.0 beta screenshot


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