'Open' iPhone is worth 600 euros debitel

'Open' iPhone is worth 600 euros debitel

In order to benefit from the requirements for T-Mobile, which initially oblige the exclusive sales partner of the iPhone in Germany to also offer an non-contractual Apple mobile phone , debitel reimburses all iPhone buyers who sign a contract with debitel with this device, 600 euros.

The 600 euros correspond exactly to the price difference that the Telekom subsidiary charges for the activation of the Apple mobile phone. If you conclude a two-year contract with T-Mobile, this costs 399 euros, otherwise 999 euros. T-Mobile was urged to take this step by a court order obtained by Vodafone D2.

To receive the 600 euros, buyers of an activated iPhone only need the proof of purchase. This must be shown in one of the 450 dug branches; when concluding a debitel contract, available for the networks of Vodafone, o2 and E-Plus, you will then receive a reimbursement in the said amount.

The tariffs offered should also be advantageous for potential debitel customers. The cheapest tariff costs 39.95 euros per month less than with T-Mobile. The fee model called “Vario L” includes 100 free SMS and 100 free minutes in all German networks. A data flat rate is also included. Larger, but not yet specified, tariffs should also enable 200 free minutes in addition to 200 free SMS.

All iPhone functions can also be used via debitel. The Visual Voicemail service is an exception here. Instead, an ordinary mailbox is available. More detailed information for iPhone buyers should be issued in all dug branches.

By the way, customers in France should be able to look forward to a lower surcharge for the SIM-lock-free iPhone compared to the one with a contract. France Télécom boss Didier Lombard announced there today that theUnlocked mobile phones will cost well under 1000 euros, but will not be available for less than 500 euros. With the contract, the Apple cell phone will also be offered in France for 399 euros. Sales start this Thursday in only twelve selected branches.