Open iPhone cheaper in France

Open iPhone cheaper in France

This evening, iPhone sales will start in selected Orange branches in France. Until shortly before the start of sales, however, the telecommunications provider kept a low profile with regard to tariffs and pricing, not least because the iPhone must also be offered without a SIM lock.

That Orange will have to offer the iPhone without a SIM lock , had been known for a long time , as this is what French law dictates. A SIM-lock-free iPhone, which can also be used with SIM cards from other providers, will cost 749 euros at Orange. The iPhone itself costs 649 euros without an Orange contract. However, if you don't want to use it with an Orange SIM card, you have to pay another 100 euros to unlock the phone, so that you get a total of 749 euros - in Germany you have to pay 999 euros for such an iPhone .

Existing customers and all those who do not want to fall back on the special tariffs for the iPhone but choose another tariff from Orange can purchase the iPhone for 549 euros. In connection with an iPhone data tariff, the iPhone costs 399 euros in France as well. The tariffs for the iPhone do not contain any surprises and are between 49 and 119 euros per month. Contract customers can either have their newly purchased iPhone activated immediately for a surcharge of 100 euros or wait six months until Orange has to activate the iPhone free of charge.

The price for an officially activated iPhone is particularly interesting in view of the fact that yesterday it was announced that iPhones that are factory-fitted with the new firmware 1.1.2 (from calendar week 45) will not initially be software-enabled can be released from their SIM lock. This will only be possible, if at all, with the release of new firmware, since the data from anewer version are required. Apple would therefore do well to refrain from releasing new firmware for as long as possible, as the hackers are obviously biting their teeth on the current version. Although it is theoretically possible to unlock a current iPhone through a hardware modification, an IC must be removed from the circuit board and reprogrammed so that this variant is only suitable for very few people.

The so-called “jailbreaking” is also possible with an iPhone that was delivered with the current firmware 1.1.2 and the bootloader 4.6. Any program can still be used on the iPhone, but the telephone function is not available. However, this function is to be made available by the so-called “TurboSIM”, which fools the iPhone into a SIM card from the respective official partner. For this, however, the user's own SIM card, which must be inserted into the iPhone together with the TurboSIM, has to be cut up by the user - in addition, the TurboSIM is not free, like a software solution. A Google Document .

gives an overview of the current status of developments when trying to unlock the iPhone 1.1.2