Ongoing speculation about ATi and nVidia

Ongoing speculation about ATi and nVidia

As soon as there was speculation about the GeForce4 and nVidia was awarded a lead over ATi's next chip, a new rumor emerges that says two things: First, the mass production of nVidia's nV17 and nV25 is definitely delayed from January to February 2002. p>

Second, contrary to reports to the contrary, ATi's next-generation chip, the DX9-supporting R300, should be used as engineering by the end of January at the latest Samples will be issued by TSMC and the start of mass production is also expected in February.

It seems that both sides have started making announcements instead of on the market and with measurable performance and promise to deliver an ever hotter duel so as not to lose any customers to the competition.

In any case, a hot spring is imminent in the graphics sector, because in the end the consumer will benefit from the falling prices of the 'run-off' models 'GF3 Ti 500 and ATi Radeon8500.