Official download: Opera 6.01 in German

Official download: Opera 6.01 in German

The Norwegian browser manufacturer Opera Software has published the German version a good 3 weeks after the official completion of the bug-fixed version 6.01 of its browser of the same name. Many users have been using the browser in German since the release.

This was made possible by a downloadable unofficial German language file , which was created voluntarily by some Opera users. The reason for the much later release of the official version could be higher quality standards, but if Opera emphasizes that the German market is the most important in Europe, then one should actually expect a faster translation.

As an alternative For a completely new download of Opera 6.01 in German, only the official language file (right click> Save as) is available for download. Since the Opera server seems to be overloaded at the moment, we are unfortunately not yet able to offer you the complete download locally.


The download is now also possible from ComputerBase!