OCZ presents DDR466, DDR500 and PC1200

OCZ presents DDR466, DDR500 and PC1200

The developments in memory seem to be rushing at the moment. GeIL was only able to come up with DDR466 memory modules three days ago and even Intel has decided to support the DDR400 chipsets coming next year. Now it is getting a little sharper.

For the first time, OCZ announced 4ns memory chips , which should do their work at a real 250 MHz clock in the computer. When the time is right, these chips will be welcomed to the PC-3700 and PC-4000 DDR SDRAM modules from OCZ. That would be the second company after GeIL that has tackled DDR466 modules and even goes one step further with DDR500. The latter would have a bandwidth of 4 GB/s on paper if the corresponding chipsets were available.

However, show the problems with the signal quality at 200 MHz (DDR400), that simply increasing the RAM clock is the wrong way to go. With dual-channel DDR266, for example, bandwidths of up to 4.2 GB/s can be achieved with a memory clock of only 133 MHz.

In addition, OCZ is now one of the first manufacturers to PC1200 Rambus modules that Rambus was able to present on an overclocked system at the beginning of the year . These are 16-bit modules that have 184 pins and achieve a theoretical bandwidth of 4.8 GB/s at their clock rate.

OCZ does not name a price for the modules in either case. The manufacturer also leaves you in the dark about the delivery dates.