nVidia with a new mobile graphics chip?

nVidia with a new mobile graphics chip?

As 'The Inquirer' reports today, nVidia will allegedly present a mobile graphics chip based on the NV28 (GeForce4 Ti, AGP8x) under the name NV28M at Comdex, which starts next Monday in Las Vegas.

With that, nVidia would finally present a mobile graphics chip that has DirectX 8.0 support. The fastest mobile chip from nVidia so far was the Geforce4 Go !, which is based only on the NV17 core of the GeForce4MX and therefore contains small programmable shaders. Thus, ATi was for a long time the only manufacturer of mobile DX8-compatible graphics solutions.

According to 'The Inquirer', the new chip should be a completely normal NV28 chip, as can be found on conventional GeForce4 Ti graphics cards which is only operated with a clock frequency of 200MHz (chip and RAM). In addition, a small additional chip (output chip modulator) is necessary because the NV28 is not able to independently supply the necessary voltages for laptop screens.

Since the NV28M is only a down-clocked version of the desktop chip, this will also be noticeable in a very low battery life. It was not mentioned whether the chip has additional energy-saving measures that would be comparable to the 'PowerPlay' of the Mobility Radeon 9000 (M9). Questions about the RAM expansion of the chip were also not mentioned. Most likely nVidia will offer solutions with shared memory as well as with separate graphics memory. The currently usual combinations with 32 or 64MB would be conceivable.

With the NV28M, nVidia finally has a notebook solution ready, which is on a par with the ATi Mobility Radeon in terms of performance. However, the high power consumption and the expected high level of waste heat from the chip will certainly put off some customers. But if you want a power notebook and demand performance without compromise,will now have a hard time making his decision. With the M9 from ATi and the NV28M, there are two powerful graphics bollids facing each other. We can wait some time for the first benchmarks, however, because DELL is the only manufacturer to date to have announced a laptop for the first quarter of 2003.