nVidia with 64Bit color depth?

nVidia with 64Bit color depth?

In an interview with nVidia's press officer Diane Vanasse, it is stated that the company is not at all averse to pixel calculations in 64-bit color depth. Some developers such as Quake 3 creator John Carmack have already criticized that the current solution is not the 'real thing'.

nVidia lists to the developers, and as always, will strive to be the first graphics processor to deliver next generation features that developers want. This should come as no surprise, as NVidia was the first with 32-bit rendering, transform and lighting, cube environment mapping, and per pixel shading.

Whether we already have this feature with the GeForce2 successor, the NV20 can be expected, but is not yet known. For me personally, however, the question arises as to what should be achieved by outputting 64-bit colors, because the human eye cannot even fully perceive the 16.4 million colors of 32-bit.