NVidia stops production of the GeForce4 Ti4600

NVidia stops production of the GeForce4 Ti4600

As the colleagues from xBit-Labs announced today, nVidia has stopped production of the GeForce4 Ti4600. The production partner TSMC, who produces the chips on behalf of nVidia, has already confirmed this message, so that there is no longer any doubt as to the truthfulness of this message.

Just a week ago nVidia reported that the need for GeForce4 Chips can no longer be covered. The reason for this was the conversion of the production to 8xAGP compatible chips, which had temporarily caused a delivery bottleneck.

There now the NV30 is not far away and the Ti4600 no longer offers an attractive price/performance ratio since the ATi Radeon9700 Pro was released, nVidia has decided to remove the chip from the range in favor of the NV30 and the very strong demand for Ti4200 chips .

Fortunately, the manufacturers' warehouses are still quite full, so there will be no sell-out of Ti4600 cards in the next few weeks. However, the strong demand from the PC manufacturer Medion has caused the price of GeForce4 chips to rise from US $ 11 to US $ 19 each, which means that price reductions should probably be ruled out in the near future>