nVidia shows GeForce FX - versions planned with Wakü?

nVidia shows GeForce FX - versions planned with Wakü?

In the night from Friday to Saturday the time had come: nVidia showed the GeForce FX in action for the first time on television as part of the 'Help Nite' at NBC Giga. Fortunately, we were also there and were able to take a first look.

However, there was no way to hijack one of the two graphics cards with GeForce FX chip that nVidia brought with them, even for a short time. We were able to hold the card briefly in our hands, but an attempt to escape with it from the studio failed;) Our first impression:

'Without question, seeing the GeForce FX in action is impressive. The tech demos programmed with painstaking precision certainly play their part. The weight of the card, on the other hand, is frightening, and thanks to the massive reference cooler, it is a new record Ottmar Knauer, Marketing Manager Central/East Europe, however, expressed the assumption that every manufacturer will present their own development and that connection systems for water cooling will certainly also be found among them. ' (Jan-Frederik Timm,

What could be seen on television was also impressive. In addition to the very nice demos in action, which we previously only knew as videos, new information about the map itself has also come to light. The reference cooler will only go to work at full speed when it is really necessary. The fan speed is thus varied depending on the load on the card. This actually makes a lot of sense and would not have been wrong with current graphics cards. Whether nVidia has gone a step further and changes the memory and chip clock with the load was not mentioned, with graphics cards for notebooks this has long been a good thing.

Even if it is during the demonstration Application crash and later a blue screen occurred,The GeForce FX made a positive impression on which the Giga system was certainly not entirely innocent.

You can review the entire performance of nVidia with this video


The presentation system for the GeForce FX did not come from Giga, as incorrectly assumed, but was brought along by nVidia together with the graphics cards.

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