Nvidia presents Cg - C for Graphics

Nvidia presents Cg - C for Graphics

Nvidia today released a new programming language for vertex and pixel shaders - C for Graphics. On the one hand, developers should simplify programming, and on the other hand, the new language should also greatly accelerate development.

Nvidia worked closely with Microsoft during the creation of Cg, so that the language was 100 percent with DirectX 9 is compatible. Direct programming of the graphics hardware will be unnecessary in the future with Cg. The C-like syntax makes it easier for programmers to familiarize themselves with Cg. In addition, effects can soon be used again, so that reprogramming is not necessary. Just in time for the presentation of the new language, Nvidia also delivers the appropriate Cg compiler. Nvidia itself is very convinced of the effectiveness of Cgs and expresses itself as follows:

'Cg is a significant milestone for the computer graphics industry as it moves real-time 3D graphics programming a quantum leap closer to the programming model of cinematic rendering. Cg will dramatically increase the speed at which increasingly sophisticated and exciting graphics features are adopted. Cg will do for GPUs what C and C ++ did for CPUs '

Many developers are said to have expressed themselves very positively about this step by Nvidia and are already working on an implementation of Cg. Whether Cg will strongly promote the use of complex and difficult to program effects in the future remains to be seen, but it would be desirable in any case.