nVidia, Matrox and AGP 8x

nVidia, Matrox and AGP 8x

As two of the first graphics card/graphics chip manufacturers, nVidia and Matrox today officially announced that they will use and support AGP 8x, which Intel is due to introduce this month, in their future products.

As with the AGP 4x specification, the AGP 8x Rev. 0.9 will use a 32-bit wide bus, which, however, provides for a doubling of the clock rate to 533MHz and thus also a doubling of the bandwidth

'We are pleased to have worked with Intel to develop the AGP8x specification and intend to fully support it in our future generation GPUs, 'stated Dan Vivoli, senior vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. 'By providing advanced system bandwidth to balance graphics performance, our AGP8x initiative represents a major step forward in the graphics industry.'