nVidia GeForce2 GTS Ultra is coming

nVidia GeForce2 GTS Ultra is coming

According to the 3D chipset, today nVidia will introduce a new graphics chip, or rather a further development of the GeForce2 GTS, namely the GeForce2 GTS Ultra.

With this, nVidia will probably introduce a new graphics chip before the release of the NV20 (internal Code name) once again prove the strength of the GeForce2 GTS. The chip should have the following specifications:

  • 250Mhz core
  • 230mhz DDR memory (460MHz, 4.5ns)
  • 31 million triangles per second
  • 1 Gigapixel fill rate
  • 0.18 µm production
  • $ 499.99 retail price
With this, nVidia has increased the chip clock by 25% compared to that of the normal GeForce2 GTS. The memory, on the other hand, is operated with a 38% higher clock rate than before. Hopefully more details will follow in the course of the day.