nVidia confirms the launch date of the NV30

nVidia confirms the launch date of the NV30

The presentation of the new nVidia chip is getting closer and closer and after a promotion tour for the NV30 on your own website has already caused enough excitement, Marvin D. Burkett, Chief Financial Officer of nVidia, get carried away with further comments.

In a 30-minute interview with the Wall Street Transcript Online on the occasion of the close of the last fiscal quarter, recorded at the Nvidia technology conference, which was held in New York was held from October 29th to 30th, including a few words about the new chip with the code name NV30.

The rumor mill has really simmered in the past few weeks. A rumor can now be clearly confirmed on the basis of the interview. Marvin said that the new chip will be presented in mid-November and in about 2 weeks. So the 18. November to be officially confirmed as the start date. The end of the interview is particularly interesting, however, where he anticipates the start of the new chip.

'From the creators of GeForce 4 and the team of products GPUs comes a new story of passion, perseverance and persistence. This fall nVidia will unveil…. '

The decisive words for this fall at the 31:40 minute. Just at the moment when the name of the new chip would be mentioned, however, the tape is stopped. This means that you still have to guess what name the NV30 will now have, GeForce 5 is most likely not.

At 8:45 a.m., a few words about Doom 3, Half Life 2 and UnrealTournament 2004 die obviously all of them should be presented next year.