nVidia brings stereo drivers for Windows 2000/XP

nVidia brings stereo drivers for Windows 2000/XP

It really took a long time, but ultimately nVidia is now also providing all users of Windows 2000 and the new Windows XP with 3D stereo support for 3D glasses, which until now could only be used with Windows 9x or with the workstation graphics chips .

Along with the expansion of support for 3D stereo, nVidia has released a completely new version of the second generation stereo support driver. It offers new functions and setting options.

A first test with Windows XP, Inno3D GeForce2 Ti and Athlon XP went, however not very successful. After installing the stereo driver, there are no longer any extended properties for view properties. The stereo driver is installed, but it cannot be activated because you simply cannot access the settings menu. The Detonator XP 23.11 was used as the graphics driver, since nVidia expressly requires the Detonator 22.90 or higher in the readme of the stereo driver for error-free operation. If you follow this advice, the stereo fun ends with 'Unable to find dialog 85'. The test of the driver on my alternative computer with Windows 2000 and an older nVidia graphics card was successful. Interestingly, the Detonator 21.85 was and is installed there, with which the stereo driver should actually have its problems.

Of course, it would be extremely interesting to know whether the error described above also occurs with you. If this is the case, there is a possibility that nVidia will withdraw the stereo driver shortly. On the other hand, my test system can of course also be responsible for the problems. You can of course download the stereo driver from us.

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