NV20 benchmark results

NV20 benchmark results

The speculations about nVidia's new Wunderchip and Geforce2 successor NV20 are gradually becoming more concrete. So there is a benchmark comparison of NV20, GeForce2 Ultra and Voodoo5 on…NV20-1.htm[blank] this page .

How far you can trust the results is a different matter;)

nVidia will release its NV20 in two months. Taking the advantages of (1) a new architecture of the chip with advanced rendering pipelines and memory interface, and (2) Hidden Surface Remove (HSR) support, NV20 has great Quake3 performance boost over an overclocked GeForce2 Ultra running 250MHz DDR SDRAM. As is shown in the Figures below, + 16% of boost comes from the new architecture, while HSR could bring to an further improvement as high as + 35%.