NV 20 (Geforce III) specifications

NV 20 (Geforce III) specifications

Alleged specifications of the NV 20 alias Geforce III have appeared on the Internet:

  • Core: 300MHz
  • Memory: 200MHz DDR SDRAM
  • 256bit memory bus
  • 12.8 GB/sec memory bus bandwidth
  • Filling rate 1.8 Gpixel/sec (5.4 Gtexel/sec)
  • 6 rendering pipelines with 3 texture units each
  • 0.15 micron manufacturing process

A system with Pentium III and NV20 should allegedly have achieved 100 fps with Quake 3 at a resolution of 1600x1200x32. The card will cost around $ 800 and will be presented at COMDEX. As you can probably see, these specifications differ greatly from what has been known about the NV20 so far, so one can only wait to see whether this information is true.