Now also 40x burners from Asus

Now also 40x burners from Asus

Although Asus was only recently able to come up with a 32x burner, which has already found its way into our test course, the company will already be presenting a 40x burner at CeBIT that can record CDs at 40x and CD-RWs at 12x speed Can write.

Asus was also able to increase the reading speed to 48x compared to the predecessor . The new model also uses the Zone CLV method, in which the number of revolutions is kept constant within certain zones. Asus relies on the proven FlextraLink and FlextraSpeed ​​ techniques to guarantee optimal writing. The product will be on sale after CeBIT at a price that has not yet been set.

Asus CRW-4012
Asus CRW-4012 Features