Norton SystemWorks 2002 in the test: From A for Antivirus to U for Utilities

Norton SystemWorks 2002 in the test: From A for Antivirus to U for Utilities

Extra functions

Extra functions

Some Internet-based additional functions complete the SystemWorks package. There is Norton Web Services, for example, which checks the computer for installed hardware and software. If the software now determines that an update is available for a component, the user is redirected to the update page.

The security check checks that the computer is safe from viruses and hackers checked. If weak points are found, the system gives advice on how to remove them in order to increase system security. There is also an expertise zone in which you can get live information, advice and security tips for your own computer from a team at Symantec. The whole thing works like a chat.

A paid service is the so-called Xdrive Plus. For a monthly fee you can rent web space in order to have access to part of your data from anywhere in the world.


SystemWorks provides users with a large number of good ones and useful tools for daily use. Even users who are not very familiar with computers will knowFind your way quickly with this software thanks to the many tips on the individual functions.

The surface makes a tidy and pleasant impression, unfortunately the look of the main window is not consistently transferred to all sub-windows, which leads to a certain degree Confusion leads.

Something has also changed in terms of system requirements. If a Pentium-class computer with 133MHz and 64MB of RAM is sufficient for Windows 2000, a computer with at least 233MHz and 128MB of RAM is required under Windows XP.

If you have a good and solid software collection with monitoring, If you are looking for security and recovery functions for your computer, you can use SystemWorks 2002 without hesitation. Even the price of 175DM is not too high if you consider that you have to pay almost twice as much if you buy the components individually.

Symantec Norton SystemWorks 2002
  • Very extensive
  • Good programs
  • Daily updates
  • Easy to use
  • Inconsistent surface

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