Norton SystemWorks 2002 in the test: From A for Antivirus to U for Utilities

Norton SystemWorks 2002 in the test: From A for Antivirus to U for Utilities

Norton AntiVirus

AV Status

If you have the component Antivirus selects, you get an overview of the current status of the security functions and the system with regard to viruses. The security functions include automatic system monitoring, email checking and a script blocking function. When a file is accessed, the automatic system monitoring automatically checks the respective file for viruses and tries to render viruses harmless if possible without user intervention. With the email check, potentially dangerous attachments can be defused, and outgoing emails are now also checked for malware so that the user does not act as a virus spreader. The script blocking function effectively protects against script viruses, such as the well-known 'I Love You' virus.

AV Check

Anyone looking for more detailed information about one of the pests can find out more in Symantec's online virus encyclopedia, which is always kept up to date. With this alias name, virus type, type and severity of the infection as well as recommended measures for eliminationof a virus. Infected files can also be submitted to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC). This option enables anti-virus developers to react more quickly to new viruses and to develop appropriate software updates.

Norton CleanSweep


With the hard disk cleaning tool, programs and files can be tracked down and removed that are not required by the system. These include temporary files, cache memory, the recycle bin, as well as graphics, cookies, plug-ins and ActiveX elements from the Internet. While temporary and cache memories can only be completely deleted, you can selectively search for and remove individual plug-ins, ActiveX elements and cookies. A quick cleaning function is also available, which automatically searches for files that are no longer required and removes them.

Roxio GoBack

GoBack Selction

With the GoBack software from Roxio included in the package, an entire system can be restored to an earlier state. This can be useful if, for example, a virus has become lodged in the system that cannot be removed with conventional tools, or if the system has been irreparably damaged by installing new software or hardware. GoBack installs a new Master Boot Record (MBR) in the primary partition of the hard drive. This means that GoBack can be executed before an operating system is loaded.

If a system has to be reset, you can call GoBack in Windows and select the desired return time. The system will be reset at the next restart. Alternatively, the desired timealso specify directly in the GoBack boot menu.


Restoring a system state two days ago on the test computer was possible without any problems within a few minutes. The only disadvantage is that you can only reset all partitions and hard disks that were selected for monitoring by GoBack at the same time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to select a single partition or hard drive.

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