Norton SystemWorks 2002 in the test: From A for Antivirus to U for Utilities

Norton SystemWorks 2002 in the test: From A for Antivirus to U for Utilities


This year Symantec has again published a new version of its well-known SystemWorks program collection. This time it's the 2002 version. This collection includes: Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, Norton CleanSweep and GoBack from Roxio. The utilities can be used to perform many useful system maintenance work and debugging. CleanSweep frees hard drives from files or programs that are no longer needed and with GoBack you can quickly restore a system to an earlier state.

What you get


The recommended retail price for the new version of SystemWorks is 175 DM. The packaging contains a detailed, German-language manual and the software CD. Registration postcards are in vain.

The manual

Those who have not been able to get used to online documentation up to now will not have to do so here either. On the 241 pages of the manual, the user is familiarized with numerous illustrations and detailed instructions for the individual options of the program package. Starting with the question 'What to do after a virus attack?' about the installation, a comprehensive description of SystemWorks andits subprograms, up to tips for increasing the performance of a system and troubleshooting in SystemWorks, everything that the user needs to know is covered. The manual can also be used as a reference work if the online documentation is not available.


Installation error

You can choose whether SystemWorks should be started from CD or whether a normal vInstallation should take place. The variant with starting from CD makes sense, for example, if the system is infected by a virus. First, SystemWorks should be installed in a directory in which the Symantec pcAnywhere and Symantec WinFax applications were already installed. But the installation routine refused to continue the installation with an imprecise error message. After a new directory for the software had been created, the rest of the installation went smoothly. Why the software refused to share a directory with other Symantec products has not yet been clarified. After the installation, the user is asked whether an Internet connection should be established in order to provide the program with the latest updates. The Process Viewer and GoBack are not included in the installation of SystemWorks. These two components must be installed separately. GoBack could not be installed on a partition with a cluster size of 4096kb. On another hard drive with a standard cluster size of 512Byte, the installation worked right away. However, you should allow some time for the installation of GoBack, as recovery information about the individual drives is saved during the installation. This can take a long time on large and relatively full partitions.

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