Nokia with five new cell phones at CeBit

Nokia with five new cell phones at CeBit

Just in time for CeBit 2002 in Hanover, the Finnish manufacturer has announced five new cell phones, the 3410, 3510, 6310i, 7210 and 9210i. However, they did not say anything about the planned prices, even if the first models should be available by the summer.

The 3410 with 5 integrated games, image editor, changeable ones is mainly aimed at young people and adults who have remained young at heart Upper shells and display lighting that pulsates with the ringtone. It also has a Java interpreter so that games and other applications can also be added later. MultiMedia Messaging Service is also included. There are wide ranges in terms of battery life. From 2.66 to 4.75 hours for continuous calls and between 55 and 260 hours in standby mode.

The 3510 offers the volume-based data transfer technology GPRS, can reproduce ringtones in several voices and of course also holds games for entertaining pleasure ready. In addition to language selection, vibration alarms, a calendar and a note function are also offered, which are powered by the battery for up to 13 days. Constant callers (inside) have to take a break after 4.5 hours at the latest.

The 6310i also wants more sophisticated demands GPRS, HSCSD, WAP browser, Java interpreter and Bluetooth connection meet. An electronic wallet is also part of the program, so that you should be able to make cashless purchases online via WAP using your tri-band phone. 6 hours and 13 days are the key data for battery performance.

The design object 7210 is almost reminiscent of an egg-laying woolly milk pig, because in the future you should use the J2ME Java interpreter from the Windows software PCSuite 5.0 up to the wine guide or the digital road map, you can use a variety of applications when you are not listening to the integrated FM stereo radio or playing Java games via GPRStransmits data at a maximum of 40.2KBit/s, sends MMS or just telephones for up to six hours or admires the screensaver for 10 days in standby mode.

The whole thing is topped by the 'laptop' 9210i with 40MB memory, which offers pretty much everything that is currently technically feasible in mobile communications, and with which you can also make calls in a very mundane way. The unique selling point is definitely an almost full-fledged HTML browser. As I said, the prices are still unknown, but for this latter model in particular they should be dangerously close to real laptops