Nokia competes with the GameBoy

Nokia competes with the GameBoy

Mobile gaming fun on the cell phone has long been nothing new. Now Nokia is promising games in console quality with the 'N-Gage' and would like to steal decisive market shares from the GameBoy-Advance from Nintendo.

Nokia would like to act not only as a hardware supplier, but also as games -Publisher. For this purpose, a cooperation has been concluded with the game manufacturer SEGA in order to be able to deliver high-quality games, but cooperation with other major manufacturers is also planned

The games are to be distributed on special memory cards. Nokia sees enormous sales potential for its devices, especially in the area of ​​multiplayer games. The games should be able to be played both locally via Bluetooth and over long distances via the mobile phone provider.

The beginning of the game-compatible end devices is the 'N-Gage', which, together with various games from nine different publishers will come onto the market. The 'N-Gage' is based on Nokia's 60xx series and uses SymbianOS as the operating system.

The start of sales is planned for February 2003. Unfortunately Nokia has not yet given prices and technical details.

Nokia N- Gage