Noblesse in the test: Housing in a duel with the Chieftec CS-601

Noblesse in the test: Housing in a duel with the Chieftec CS-601


The Noblesse is a midi Tower case with the dimensions (LxWxH) 500x200x450 mm. Due to its large drive cage that extends over the entire height of the housing, up to 11 drives can be installed in the Noblesse. Four of these are 5.25 'slots, three of which are located at the top of the housing as usual, the fourth slot is at the bottom as already mentioned and is already occupied by the port kit. Two of the seven 3.5' slots are accessible from the outside Floppy drives and the like, the other five are internal. All slots are provided with sheet metal tabs so that the drives can be inserted and they rest on the sheet metal tabs and do not fall through the whole cage. Since the drive cage is firmly connected to the base and cover, the stability of the housing increases and thus also reduces the swinging of the drives.

rear side
inner workings, back side

From the outside, the blue reflective front door of the housing is immediately noticeable, which is protected by a film to protect against damage during transport and installation. This mirror coating is located on both sides of the handle, with the front door in the closed state through aMagnet is held in place. This means that there is absolutely no wear and tear, as is the case with other housings, which mostly use plastic nipples or the like. The door can be removed very easily, a cover is then included to maintain the symmetry for the viewer and to cover the exposed side. Another feature is the small sliding flap in front of the lower 5.25 'slot, which is guided to the side and opens upwards, where it is also automatically locked. By the way, both side doors can be opened with a knurled screw, so without tools can be found on the back of the housing, where the left side door can be secured against unauthorized opening with a padlock. The eyelet is firmly screwed to the housing frame and can therefore be removed by owners who do not go to LAN parties or unauthorized persons People and children in the household. Below the front door are power and reset buttons, both of which are also the control lights for power-on (two green LEDs) and drive access (two red LEDs). However, neither the power nor the reset -Button protected against unintentional pressing and so the computer is quickly switched off or restarted, especially when the case is under the table and you have the has no control over his own feet.

top side
drive cage
Housing without cladding

Now we come to the Airflow, i.e. the possibility of additional case fans for better ventilation to be able to install the components. With the Noblesse, two 80mm fans can be placed side by side over the port kitbe attached. However, there are only two mounting holes available per fan. For the same purpose, there are also two options for 80 mm fans on the back, but this time one above the other. These then each have four mounting holes for the fans, but the openings hinder the air flow and can therefore lead to higher noise emissions.

The power supply opening corresponds to the ATX dimensions and, like all other openings in the case, is punched out and deburred. The sheet metal parts on the back and right are a nice detail, on which the power supply can be temporarily placed while screwing on. Six brackets are already integrated for the mainboard, but they only offer a minimum of brackets for the various standards. However, there are enough more screw holes and corresponding studs are included in the screw package.

Disturbing details on the otherwise neatly processed housing are the not deburred screw holes for the main board holder on the right side of the housing. If the right side cover is removed, careless handling of the case can lead to cuts. The manufacturer should definitely remedy this. Saving was also made on the slot brackets, which are not screwed in but have to be broken out. The attachment of the ATX slot bracket is also not well thought out and quickly leads to unnecessary complications when it is installed or removed.

Detail: 'Thumbscrew'
Detail: 'Drill holes'
Detail:'Mainboard holder'
Detail: 'Slot bracket port kit'

Now we come to the port kit, which Listan has already installed. The internal cable to the slot bracket is a round cable, which hardly affects the airflow. Unfortunately, by using this useful extension, a slot bracket and thus a slot is occupied, which can lead to problems for some users with a fully equipped system. The cable whip required on the outside is long enough to use the bottom slot bracket. The connection collection of the port kit includes two USB and one Firewire ports, a PS/2 port, a game port and a line-in, a line-out and a microphone input for audio. The port kit thus covers all the important connections that would otherwise have to be fiddled with on the back of the computer.

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