No more SMP operation for AthlonXP

No more SMP operation for AthlonXP

Slowly but surely, the first dual socket A boards are coming onto the market that have the new 760MPX chipset. So far it has not been a problem to get the AthlonMP as well as the AthlonXP and T-Bird Athlon processors to run in SMP mode.

But AMD now apparently wants to change that with the 760MPX. A user who thought he could give his system new momentum with the A7M266-D from Asus and two Athlon XPs was disappointed with the following message when booting:

'AMD XP CPU detected - forcing single CPU mode '.

Asus then stated that this was a measure by AMD and only Athlon MP CPUs in the SMP Mode can be operated in combination with a 760MPX chipset. But why all of this? Actually there is only one meaningful explanation: AMD simply wants to sell its Athlon MPs because they are a lot more expensive than the Athlon XPs. So that companies don't just use the Athlon XP CPUs in their professional systems, but have to resort to the more expensive Athlon MPs, a lock was simply installed. Since a Duron MP is also planned, it should behave similarly with the previous Duron processors, even if no reports have been made on this yet. The dual socket A boards from Tyan do not yet have this lock, but it could soon be integrated into a BIOS update.