No more annoying advertising in ICQ

No more annoying advertising in ICQ

In the meantime, most of you should have noticed that for a short time you have had annoying advertising on ICQ below the message window. Now you can get rid of this advertisement. There are two ways to solve the problem.

Either you do it yourself and edit the 'ICQCore.dll' from the ICQ directory with the Resourcehacker . You can find detailed instructions on how to proceed here .

Or but you simply download an already edited 2.26MB ICQCore.dll . You then only have to copy the 'ICQCore.dll' into the ICQ directory and back up the old file beforehand, if anything should go wrong. In the next step you run 'Regedit' (Start | Run | enter 'regedit') and change the value for 'Auto Update' from 'Yes' to 'No' with the following key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMirabilisICQDefaultPrefs. Now you only have to delete the three files icqateima32.dll, icqateimg32.dll and icqateres.dll in your ICQ directory (better copy them somewhere else to be able to undo the step). The best thing to do now is to restart your computer and then you should have an advertising-free ICQ version again. It remains to be mentioned that this manipulation of ICQ is not allowed, as you agreed to the license terms during installation and these prohibit manipulation of the software. Furthermore, I do not assume any liability for any damage to your ICQ version (it is best to secure it completely beforehand) and other software or hardware. The whole thing was tested with ICQ 2000b v4.60.