Nintendo Wii again best-selling console

Nintendo Wii again best-selling console

After Nintendo had to temporarily surrender the crown of the best-selling game consoles to Microsoft and their Xbox 360 in September, the manufacturer was able to restore the usual conditions of the previous months in October.

Overall, Nintendo was able to sell a total of 519,000 Wii and 458,000 Nintendo DS consoles in the US in October and relegated Microsoft's Xbox 360 with 366,000 and Sony's PlayStation Portable with 286,000 copies sold. This is followed by the still popular PlayStation 2 (184,000 units), which was even 50 percent ahead of the PlayStation 3 (121,000). In the ranking of the best-selling games, Halo 3 for Microsoft's Xbox 360 is at the top with 433,800 copies for the second month in a row, more or less closely followed by Activision's Guitar Hero III, which ranks two to four in the versions for the respective consoles could secure. Only the PlayStation 3 version did not make it into the top 10.

October top 10 best-selling games
Number of titles Halo 3 (Xbox 360) 433,000 Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360) 383,200 Guitar Hero III (Wii) 286,300 Guitar Hero III (PS2) 271,000 Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (NDS) 262,800 WiiPlay (Wii) 239,700 Half-Life 2: Orange Box (Xbox 360) 238,400 Guitar Hero III stand-alone (PS2) 231,700 FIFA Soccer 08 (PS2) 129,700 Brain Age 2 (NDS) 116,900

Overall, the sales figures speak for themselves. While the Nintendo Wii is running away from everyone in terms of hardware sales, sales figures in the software area look pretty positive for Microsoft, at least in the top 10. Quite the opposite of the PlayStation 3, which neither in Octoberreached the numbers of its predecessor, only has one game hit that made it into the top 10 software titles. The version announced at the beginning of October with a 40 gigabyte hard drive for 399 euros could represent a small glimmer of hope, which should significantly increase sales beyond the Christmas business and will probably be found under many decorated trees on Christmas Eve. p>