Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


Tagan , a company belonging to Maxpoint GmbH, supplies two more power supplies for our competition. These are two models from Tagan's '2Force II' series,more precisely the TG500-U33 with an output power of 500 watts and the TG600-U33 , which with 600 watts can wait.

Tagan U33 series

The power supplies of the '2Force II' series are characterized by their universal use. They also offer a connector system that turns a 20-pin ATX connector into a 24-pin connector in no time at all. Similarly, a 4-pin connector becomes an 8-pin variant. In addition to the 6-pin PCI Express connector, a 6 + 2-pin connector that supports the PCI Express 2.0 specification is also available for graphics cards. As is the case with power supplies that adhere to the ATX12 V2.2 standard (TG600-U33 also EPS12V V2.91), the members of the 2Force II series have several separate 12 V lines (two on the TG500-U33, four on the TG600-U33).

However, these can be activated using a special turbo switch Bundle them into a single 12 V cable, which then has an increased output power. The individual cables of the U33 power supply units are sheathed in black plastic braiding to keep the system tidy and to optimize the air flow. The cables of the graphics cards are also specially shielded in order to avoid interference as best as possible. Last but not least, large heat sinks and the “Tagan Silent Control Technology” (TSTC) ensure that the two 80mm fans can quietly cool the power supply unit even under difficult conditions. A rubber frame included, which is attached between the power supply unit and the PC case, should provide additional noise insulation.

Tagan Power Forge

Power Forge is an (additional)Overvoltage and overcurrent protection for graphics cards and is plugged between the 6-pin PCIe connector of the power supply unit and the power connection of the graphics card. Primarily intended for power supply units without such protection, Power Forge can also be used additionally and only intervenes if the protection integrated in the power supply unit fails. Tagan kindly provided us with 50 pieces, 23 of which went to the winners of power supplies (in the appropriate number) and graphics cards with power connections (one Power Forge each). The remaining 27 pieces go 13 times in a double pack and one time individually to other winners.

Company Question D8 What is the name of the managing director of Tagan?

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